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Screenshot application

You can press the Print screen on keyboard to get screen image and then open Paint to save it. But if you want use less action to save a series of screen image, you can use application below.

Summary introduction

Main screen of Screenshot application
Main screen of Screenshot application.

You need setting folder to save image, file name and type of image.

Naming mode screen
Naming mode screen.

You can choose naming mode of file name.

Config screen
Config screen.

Then you just press the hotkey and automatically get screen image file.

Note: In Define hotkey dialog, move mouse cursor on button with keyboard icon to get detail.

Download and install

Attention: Before using, you must check that your computer has Microsoft .NET Framework Runtime version 3.5 or higher. If your computer doesn't have one, you can use the link below:

This is a portable application, means you just need to run the EXE file and use immediately. Here is the download link: Screenshot application.


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